In the beginning of April 2009 the State Archive in P這ck launched the project of scanning and indexing the registry office records (birth, marriage and death entries) of the Roman Catholic parish in P這ck from the period 1867-1907. The attached photo depicts the Saint Bartholomeus church (Fara) which till December 31st, 1930 was the only municipal parish on the Vistula right-bank part of P這ck in which the a.m. entries were recorded (see M.M. Grzybowski, Ko軼i馧 Katolicki w P這cku w latach 1793-2003, P這ck 2004, s. 63/The Catholic Church in P這ck from 1793 to 2003, P這ck 2004, p.67)
The project objective consists in:
1. Scanning the birth, marriage and death entries of the Roman-Catholic parish in P這ck covering the period 1867-1907 - the project financed by the Foundation "Grant Fund for P這ck"
2. Drawing up of the alphanumeric database - the task funded from the budget of the State Archive in P這ck
3. Making the database available on the Internet
4. Free availability of the database as well as the scanned B.M.D. entries in the State Archive Reading room in P這ck
The project assumptions:
1. Both scanning as well as making entries to the database is made under commercial principles, i.e. persons engaged in the project execution are appropriately remunerated
2. Using the database as well as browsing the scans is free
3. Payable ordering of scans by users - in accordance with the P這ck State Archive price-list: the scan cost being in the Archive possession is subject to 50% discount
4. The scans of B.M.D. entries under this project are available in the maximum resolution of 150dpi and exclusively in jpg format.
Data base usage information:

Particular letters in the field "Type of entry" mean:
  • B - entry of Birth
  • M - entry of Marriage
  • D - entry of Death

  • 2.
    There is a possibility to search entries after filling out any of the fields, and in case of the surname and name also it is possible to enter only the first letters - it is important in cases when we are not sure of the spelling, for example "" or "on" as well as with regard to different spelling of the same names in the original text, for instance "Maryanna", "Marianna", "Marjanna" and sometimes just "Maria". The entries in the database are identical with the original spelling of words in the records.
    Let us remember that the fewer fields we fill in, the more search results we will get and inversely - upon entering more detailed information about the searched persons we will obtain more accurate and concrete result.
    As a result of searching the marriage entry ("M") we will get the information about the both parties of the ceremony (spouses).
    Foreigners please note that the Polish language is an inflectional language which means that some part of female surnames differs from their masculine equivalents (Kowalska - Kowalski).
    Users who do not have Polish fonts in their hardware may use the attached keyboard.
    Using the database one should remember that the annual volume in which we found the searched entry not always refers to the volume of the very event; it particularly relates to entries of birth which were sometimes recorded even several years afterwards. Our methodology was that in the database we input the year of the entry record and not the year of the event. It will be possible to establish the exact date (the year as well as the exact day and month) having seen the whole entry.
    That being so the State Archive in P這ck warns that the information found in the database cannot be used to set in motion any formal and/or legal actions. Therefore the State Archive in P這ck shall not be held responsible for resulting actions.
    The State Archive in P這ck warns that the information found in this database cannot serve to undertake any formal and/or legal actions. In particular the State Archive in P這ck shall not be held responsible for any misuse of information obtained from this database